“In the Northern Territory, we have a variety of programs but our main focus in is to help families in need. The families that we work with are mostly referred to us via government agencies and we help to strengthen their capacity, and for a vast majority of families a little help and support over a 6-12 month period. The gear that we receive from organisations through Kit Bag For Kids is absolutely fantastic, the families adore getting new clothing, particularly of the quality which is received. Many of our families have almost nothing in terms of clothing, furniture and other household and basic living items that many in the Western world take for granted. Location and cost alone is an enormous obstacle. For example, the nearest shopping centre is 500km away and a majority of the road is dirt. During the wet season, the roads are non-accessible, this may occur from December through to April. The community gets a feeling of empowerment when they are able to access quality clothing items, we offer washing and drying facilites free of charge which helps enormously with the longevity of what they receive. We work with proud people, who value family dearly and it is our privilege to play a linking role between the community and the clothing/resources that are received from your organisation. Keep up the great work, you are doing a good thing!”

Gavin Morris | Regional Coordinator West Daly | Save the Children Australia

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