About Kit Bag For Kids

Kit Bag for Kids
We use the shirts in school as a behavioural tool and it improves attendance too. The pupils understand that they need the right attitude, attendance etc. to be nominated for 'Athlete of the Week'. The students are knocking on my door every day asking how they can win a prize. Fellow staff and the Community think it is an amazing reward for the kids.
Teacher, Doomadgee State School

Kit Bag For Kids was established as a community programme in 2014 and is now an ACNC registered charity. All members, directors and volunteers are unpaid. Wherever possible we seek the specialist help of others via pro bono work whilst maintaining the highest level of professionalism throughout our activities.

Our primary operation is the collection and distribution of high quality second hand, surplus or unwanted sporting goods and equipment to under privileged children across Australia. The fundamental purpose of our enterprise is to provide relief from hardship for the most disadvantaged children in Australia.

This meaningful gesture allows these children to fully engage in healthy, sporting activity with enthusiasm and self-esteem whilst offering respite from the poverty, disadvantage or misfortune these children might otherwise experience.

The objectives of our Organisation can best be categorised as focussing in the areas of:-

Health – We provide critical support to other “organisations” (i.e. schools, charitable groups, remote communities and social interest groups) that run sports programmes and health development programmes for disadvantaged youth. Our activities are aimed at providing benevolent relief to address poor health levels and challenging social outcomes in disadvantaged communities through the provision of sporting kit and equipment to these communities.

Social and public welfare – Many of the organisations that we support operate in highly disadvantaged catchment areas. They work for the purpose of enhancing social or public welfare including the purpose of relieving the poverty, distress or disadvantage of children in Australia.

As well as working with other charitable groups, we engage directly with the Principals at remote and economically depressed community schools to understand their needs. We help fill the gaps in their stock of sporting kits and equipment thereby enhancing their physical education curriculum and allowing them to initiate structured health programmes and team competitions for their students.

We also focus on areas of the country where community youth programmes and sporting facilities are limited or the communities, groups and schools do not have the resources to pay for or contribute towards sporting kit and equipment. By providing sports kit and equipment we aim to help overcome inherent child disadvantage and to provide the opportunity for children to participate in sport and healthy lifestyle programmes.

By supplying sports kit and equipment to the youth in these disadvantaged areas Kit Bag For Kids is: