Mt Allan School is in Yuelamu, an indigenous community 300km NW of Alice Springs, with around 70 students enrolled from Transition up into High School. The School’s wonderful classroom teacher contacted KBFK to seek support for their up and coming girls AFL team and the school students more generally. We were delighted to be able to help.

“Hi Kit Bag For Kids,

Thanks again for the football Guernseys. The students absolutely love them, they look amazing and it makes umpiring much easier!

The girls have been able to collaborate as one team with pride and feel important. We are able to get students who rarely participate in sport, joining in now.

Our young girls football team are up and coming, training in the morning with school and playing inter community matches on the weekend with sport and rec. Having a uniform will inspire the girls and allow them to take pride in their team.”

Elodie, Classroom Teacher

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