Throughout 2019, Miller Technology High School boys and girls played football. Most of our players come from a refugee background and have come to Australia to kick-start their new lives. Most of them have a passion for football and despite their limited English, it is through football that they develop new friendships and gain a sense of belonging.

Some have brilliant skills, but do not have sufficient funds to purchase equipment such as: boots, socks, shorts and balls. Kit Bag For Kids Limited has been extremely supportive as they have kindly donated various types of equipment, especially football boots. Students have been using them throughout the year for our training sessions, zone games and gala days. Wearing these amazing boots makes games extra especial for our students. Some equipment has been given to students so that they can enjoy them during their weekend games.

“This is just an extraordinary thing to do. I wish there were more organisations like Kit Bag For Kids Limited. Thank you very much.”, said Dylan Gutierrez – School Captain and School football team captain.

By Mr Patana

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