KBFK received a donation of super smart kits from North Sydney United FC. These shirts and shorts were among the smartest we have seen and just had to find a home at a soccer loving school. So we were pleased to enlist the help of our friend Dillon, a sports coordinator for NT schools.

Dillon gave out the soccer strips to a school situated 300km away from Alice Springs. The main community is Arlparra which is 55km away where there is a high school, store and a police station, sport & rec centre and a main community oval.The photo was taken at the Arlparra high school as all the surrounding four homeland schools came in for an Athletics carnival. Dillon had been talking to the principal earlier in the term and he was telling her how much the students love soccer and how he was teaching them all the rules and watching some of the A league together. They are really looking forward to the world cup. The homelands schools have interschool competitions each term and the Irrultra students will wear their North Sydney United strip when competing in the soccer comp.

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